Saturday, November 8, 2008

Many, Not Mini

Gators then went on to destroy Kentucky and Georgia. Now when I run in my gator tank tops, people are always "Go-Gatorsing" or making the sign of the chomp. Go Gators!

Barack Hussein Obama. I expect I shall have many words to write, but not for now. Later.

Kevin is moving to Champaign, Illinois, to live with my sister, Pam. I am driving him over at Thanksgiving [in the Blue Bug] and then flying back.

Tonight [in about an hour] Gators against Vanderbilt. Go Gators!

Bad blisters on each lil' toe limited me to 9.33 today instead of the 12 I set out upon. Each was hurting, particularly the right one. When it burst, I screeched to a halt :-(

Nikki is a sensible gal [in addition to being:
  • Blonde
  • Shapely
  • Scottish
  • Gainfully employed
  • A Nurse
  • Active
  • Willing to try wrestling and boxing events
  • Loves rock n roll
  • Love Celtic and Bluegrass, too
  • Cute
  • Sadly, a supporter of Rangers instead of Celtic. :-(]

Well, anyway, we are biking tomorrow, and she is procuring vittles.

Ya know, I kinda like this gal.... so, we are biking. Saves me toesies ;-)

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