Sunday, October 10, 2010


No, I'm not talking Marine Corps here [Battalion Landing Team] - I am talking the Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich!

White bread [I'm using the Merita Italian variant] with regular Iceberg Lettuce, Slicing red tomatoes [Beefsteaks are best], and Kroger Generic/Value Bacon.

Mayonnaise, the real stuff [I cannot stand Miracle Whip :-( ]

Good stuff!

Three of 'em.
1st one, an interesting twist - add Wasabi Mayo [not too much - it can be overpowering!]


Charmaine said...

Sounds good to me! :-) And, yes, absolutely no Miracle Whip. Nasty stuff. Hellmann's (or Best Foods west of the Rockies) is what "real mayo" means to me, although I have tried looking for "healthier" versions, but they just don't taste as good. Some things you just let slide. ;-)

Charles L. Wallace said...

Fat Equals Flavour, in this case ;-)
Hellmann's, Best Foods - good stuff, and faves, for sure!!

Charmaine said...

Oh, I don't mind full-fat foods at all (neither do the French!)...I would just rather have a 'purer' mayo w/o preservatives and soybean/canola oil. I really just need to make my own, is what I'm saying. It's on my to-do list one of these days. :-)

Charles L. Wallace said...

haha! Homemade mayo!!! When you discover the secret, please tell me, too - one of life's mysteries which has eluded me [aye, and I love cookin' Cajun, which is a big part French ;-)] Oui!