Thursday, January 3, 2008


Folks, I am angry with mob mentality and bloodlust, and I am spouting off here.
If you are easily offended, might want to sit this one out.
Charmaine, use your best judgement.

I am sick to death of sanctimonious sons of bitches. Allow me to explain: Jim Leyritz drove while intoxicated, and while his license was suspended. He ran a red light, and struck another vehicle. The driver of the other car, Fredia Ann Veitch, a mother of two children, was killed.

There's a lot of people out there in the blogosphere preaching. Her name was Fredia Ann Veitch. If you are going to preach to me, you sanctimonious sons of bitches, at least do grant her the decency of identification. She had a name. Fredia Ann Veitch. Don't pontificate as though you know something special, something priviledged because you are expressing your opinion: Jim drove drunk and caused an accident in which Fredia, a person whom he knew and was friends with, died. You do her injustice when you do not name her. She died.

Fredia lies dead.
Jim's life is destroyed.
Those of you out there who call for Jim's head on a platter, what does it matter? Should I be impressed by your sanctimonious anger at his transgression? His life is destroyed by his terrible choice. Do not say, nay, do not think that I am condoning Jim's poor decision. The man has a history of alcohol induced poor decisions, and this last one cost someone, a friend of his no less, Fredia Ann Veitch, a mother of two, her life. Jim will pay according to the penal system, and rightly so. Castigating Jim won't bring her back. Castigating Jim does not make you knowing or powerful in my eyes. No, you are just another pathetic band-waggoning loser, homes, and
you can chupo mi huevos, you sanctimonious, pathetic wretch. Why don't you go bugger a dai-oni, homes? Fucking wankers.

Fredia is dead.
Jim is destroyed.
Stop trying to make a name for yourself through slander.
We're on to your games, pathetico.
Go suck on a ruger, motherfuckers;
hope you catch the perfect sturm.
Fuck off and die.


Ethan Michaels said...

I don't understand the over the top anger either. Drunk driving is irresponsible, but so many people do it. I imagine many of the same people asking for his head, have driven buzzed or drunk themselves.

And even though it is an irresponsible act, blind anger doesn't help anything.

Ethan Michaels

Charles L. Wallace said...


I have seen where people have opined regarding a premise that Fredia was also out partying, that she did not wear a seatbelt, et cetera, and other people have attacked them for "blaming the victim".

There's so much emotion on this issue that I am staying out of the discussion, except for what I have posted here on Random Ravings.

Thank you for your comment, Ethan.

Melanie said...

You're right to be angry. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I really, with few exceptions, dislike people in general. Well, maybe hate people in general is a more apt description. Nothing displays the average ignorance of Americans quite like the blogosphere.

What happened was a terrible, terrible and sad thing, on both ends. But, like yourself, I really hate people who feel that they have the moral authority to run around the internet throwing their opinion around like they know something no one else does while hiding behind the anonymity the web provides. So I'm right there with ya, my friend.

On another note, happy belated New Year!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Happy New Year, Mellie!

I guess the world would not enjoy me as Angel of Death ;-)

Han't seen ya at The Post - too Springer-esque for yer likin'? Miss ye!!

Melanie said...

I was planning on popping back in closer to spring training- the Pats, Bruins and C's are all currently absorbing my sports time, lately. Can you believe the B's are actually still in the chase for the playoffs and it's already January?

Old Goat said...

I have to agree with you. This was a terrible accident and showed poor judgement, but the condemnation is over the top.

I sincerely doubt that Jim was thinking anything like this would happen.

Its sad for ALL involved.

I have a feeling that those who condemn the loudest are those who tend to stupid things and get away with them.

I can understand the emotions that go along with a senseless death, but I see people running through red lights and stop signs all the time. I am pretty sure not all of them are drunk. I am also pretty sure they don't use good judgement.

Oh, by the way, Happy New Year!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thank you, Goat - I always appreciate your insight!

Happy New Year, amigo :-)