Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Odds, Fewer Ends

Catching up a few things:

Molly Jo's just not an option. We have fun together, but we live thirty miles apart, and philosophically, I'm looking to settle down, and she's looking to be "one of the guys". Now, I expect to get a lot of guff from all of the guys I know, but it's not what I am all about. I actually DO think and feel and want to do what's right. Besides, I texted her a Happy Mother's Day and she hasn't gotten back to me.

Smiley. What a gal... don't think that I don't have feelings for this woman, but she's career-minded, and to properly follow her career, she'll have to leave the area. I am not the right man for her, and she's not the right gal for me, painful as that is to admit. I'm smart enough to admit it.

Margaret and/or Linda. Dear, dear friends and unattached. They also own houses! Alas, half a continent away. Long-distance makes no sense. Good to have dear friends [and, an honourable mention to dear Pix, who falls into this category for the most part, and the above-category, too, somewhat].

My Pirate Krew. They love South Dakota, but the snow has been pretty fierce [they just got 3 inches, and 'twas almost June!!]. We're geting back on speaking terms, though; indeed, I sent Lovely Laura some pirate trinkets for her birthday, and at yesterday's Pirate Fest, blew entirely too much $$$ on all four of the gals, which I'll send when the time is right. We've come to an agreement: if I am unattached after the winter, and if the winter is harsh to the point where they wish to leave SD, then I have permission to re-commence pestering them.

Who does that leave? Well, there IS one gal I fancy, and she comes over and sits with me for brief moments. I keep finding more and more good things about her, coincidental stuff, but I am beginning to really dig this chick :-) Great figure, and lo and behold, she told me that she runs [good - I need to find someone who is active, same as me]; she has run in marathons [me, too!]; she prefers Nike to New Balance [man, this is lining up perfectly!!] and she enjoys fusbol. I gave her a small pair of Triskele earrings from the Spotsylvania Fest, and she was clearly touched by the gesture. Naturally, trinkets will continue as I have gotten a nice pair of pirate skull n bone earrings for her, and at the soap salesman, found a nice doggie soap for her pooch. This might be the one.... ;-)

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