Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, Captain....

Derek Jeter led off the 8th last night with a bases-empty blast, propelling the Bombers to a 2-1 win over Houston. Johnny D had sat the night out [with no DH in the NL park, Gojiru was out in left], so our Captain led off. Robinson Cano batted second and had an ohfer, dropping his average down to .217. He'd best pick up the pace, or it'll be "Crusoe" instead of "Cano".

Pitching. More heartwarming tales to tell: Joba went six strong innings, only allowing one run. NOW, who still thinks this was a bad idea? QVeras went two and got the "W". Farnsy did a scoreless ninth for the save [Really! I am not making this up!]. Joba even fared better at the plate than Robby, going 0-2 instead of M. Cano's 0-3.

Now, our erstwhile ace, Mike Mussina goes tonight against the estimable Wandy Rodriguez. Juan D has a fine ERA which will no doubt balloon after tonight, and his 2-2 pales next to the 9-4 of Moose. Let's get this one, and then lets batter Oswalt on Sunday for the sweep!


mellie said...

Heyas, Chuck! How's things?

I am one crispy critter today. Spent my eighth anniversary with Seth at a Ren Faire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting, at some point, the picture of me in my super awesome hat. Plus I got a ring, a dagger (really pretty and functional), and a lovely peacock feather fan. In all, I spent too much and would happily do it again. Now just to buy some garb! Huzzah!

In another note, Masterson didn't do half bad for a rookie last night and hopefully today's win will get the road monkey off our back.

mellie said...

PS- Hope you had a very nice Father's day. :D

Charles L. Wallace said...

Great minds think alike, cher`... Kev and I went to the Virginia RenFest. Caught a lot of great acts, less shopping and socializing, but that's cool. Prolly be a day or so before I get all the words written. Hot, went in shorts, but am putting my pirate gear back together [and my scotsman gear, too. I am a scotsman by heritage. I am also a scotch man, meaning, I like to drink scotch ;-)] Anyway, I'll have to e-mail ye photos as well when I get around to it. Check yer filter - my last from my gmail account did not make it through :-(

Thank you for the Dad's Day wishes :-) Had a good day walking around with Kev and investigating restaurants for him to apply at. My boy, the chef. We had a stuffed-crust pizza at Pizza Hut. Not haute` couture, but he suggested it, and I hadn't had one in ages :-) Huzzah!

Big win and sweep over Houston, but maybe lost Wanger for a while... possibly a stress fracture of the foot. If yes = DL. If no, look for 2 starts missed. All I know at present is that Brian Cashman does not have Kei Igawa on his speed dial ;-)

Mellie said...

We're headed to CT this fall for their faire this fall, too. (This was a little bitty one, but very nice and intimate.) I had a friend who was bard-ing, and now I have an invite to bardic circle every month. :) My favorite purchase, aside from my very beautiful and very functional dagger: purple suede hat, hand stitched with leather braiding around the base of the crown, accented by another purchase- a lovely aigrette of purple and dark pink feathers. (Magnetic, so I don't have to put holes in my hat.)

We're even thinking we'll do a ren ceremony after we have the normal one for all our friends we can't afford to invite. :)

Good to see you had a nice father's day.

Also- Papi's cast may come off this week (no pain, and he became a citizen this week!), and even with Manny out of the lineup the bats were hot. :)

I will definitely check my filter. I've been eyeballing gmail for a while. Don't you need an invite for it?

Charles L. Wallace said...

I'll invite ye, cher`, if ya want, but I just signed up: let me know, eh?

Nice hat ;-) [and dagger!] I'll probably get another sgian dubh, maybe even a functional one this time. Looking at a pirate blunderbuss pistola with leather holster [naturally, black with red accents and a garish skull ;-)] 'Bout time to get a new tricorn hat, too. Life's tough in the big city ;-)