Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Willie Makeit? Betty Wont.

So the Mets went and fired Willie Randolph. On the road. After a victory. At 3 AM, Eastern Time. Such lack of class by the organization! Ever wonder why we have 26, and they have only two? Class.... They USED to have it, when Gil Hodges managed the team.
Wonder if we can find a spot for Rick Peterson, helping develop young arms? [I am assuming Joe Torre will eventually have Willie help Dem Bums - Willie grew up in Brooklyn.]


Charles L. Wallace said...

Update: "This ain't about love," Minaya said "This is about a general manager and trying to win a championship." - Omar Minaya.

Omar Minaya will not win a championship. His neck will be the next one to feel the blade....

mellie said...

Probably right on that one. :)

Speaking of championships, it's a beautiful day for duck boat parade in Boston. Don't you love celebrating the rejuvenation of great teams?

Also- Jon Lester has quietly become our ace in a lot of ways. Nothing flashy, just solid, disgusting stuff. :)

Charles L. Wallace said...


Duck boats? Are they like Dragon Boats?

Rejuvenation of great teams? Yankees 1995 ;-) Yeah, Baby! [aye, and Yankees, 1976 too!]

Interesting how the wheel turns. Lester's just fine. Crazy about Moose, huh?