Sunday, February 3, 2008


Went to the Beach Pub both yesterday and today for breakie each day. Yes, I am up to something. No, I won't tell you what [unless you write me by sepcor ;-) Then, I'll spill the beans.] Anyway, had a nice sausage, cheddar and onion omelette on Saturday, and it was good. Just right, had rye toast and grits with coffee. Copious amounts of coffee.

Today, I wanted to try something different, so I had everything the same, except my omelette today was backfin crab meat. I love crab meat. Had it with Swiss Cheese inside. Exotic, man, I'm tellin' ya [and a bit quease-inspiring]. Try at your own risk, but tasty.

The gals [most of 'em] had pro football jerseys on. This one ol' gal, stands head and shoulders over the others, wore a Giants jersey [oh, the lovely imagery!!] Better yet, had Plaxico Burress' name and number on it! Hell, I'd throw to her cutting across the middle! Bet she'd haul it in in some serious traffic, too :-)

Beach Pub, good place, good food. Cheap hooch. Try it!!

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