Monday, February 18, 2008

Pork Chop Breakie

Charmaine, this one's for you:

Soggy conditions outside even when the rain pauses and the lightning checks up. Got in Chinese Long-Life and Yogalation. A little bit later, pushups and situps, and Hindu Pushups + Hindu Squats [the old wrestling regimen that keeps my back from popping every time I take a step]. Won't clear up outside for quite a while, so plenty of time for a hearty breakfast :-)

Pork Chops, lightly breaded and fried.
Hash Browns with onions and red peppers.
Fried Eggs, poached by cooking oil.
Coffee with vanilla extract, sugar and milk.
I am very happy :-)

Pork chops, had a butterflied chop up in the freezer. Took it down last night to the fridge, but it only thawed about halfway. I rubbed it with egg white to make it sticky, and then coated it with "Kentucky Kernel" seasoned flour [flour with pepper and a few other spices mixed in]. Both sides. Then, I fried it in the wok in canola oil, turning after a few minutes. Had to put it back in for a bit as the center was still pink and cool, but when finally complete [about 5 minutes per side], the meat was still juicy and flavourful but cooked to proper whiteness. The coating was not overly thick or doughy but light, yet firm. Tasty!

Ore-Ida Hash Browns with onions and red peppers. Frozen product which I had allowed to thaw in the fridge for several days. Similar content to Potatoes O'Brien, but shredded [whereas the O'Briens are cubed or diced]. I prefer the shredded texture. Nothing fancy - just put canola oil into a broad pan or skillet and heat. I turn frequently to avoid over-browning. I prefer a softer texture [indeed, my toast is best when very slightly browned, almost indistinguishable from "bread" ;-) ]

Eggs, cooked in [you guessed it] canola oil. I did not turn them, but occasionally swished the hot oil over their topside in order to cook down a bit [knowing that with all of the potato starch, I would not be having toast with the meal].

Coffee, 100% Colombian, ground. I have a Mr. Coffee maker [ok, ok, I have two of them! =:-0 ] which I insist upon. Joe DiMaggio used to advertise for Mr. Coffee, and if it is a good enough product for The Jolter, it's good enough for me. I used my USS FLINT [AE-32] ceramic mug [personalized "CIC Officer LTJG Wallace"] and stirred in sugar, white, granulated with vanilla extract and milk. Sweet, but that's how I like it.

It's a fine day, and I am happy. Nothing like a nice meal to begin the day.

Happy President's Day, and Happy Monday!


Charmaine said...

Aw, a post just for me? That was nice of you to do that, since you know I thoroughly enjoy reading your food reviews--both out and at home. :-) Seemed like a perfect breakfast to go with a rainy day, and a real man's breakfast for sure. ;-)

You're the opposite of my husband when it comes to hash browns and toast, though. He likes crispy hash browns and toast fairly well-done.

You know, I've never heard of "Kentucky Kernel" before! Interestng. I just might give it a try sometime. I guess with me, it's always seasoned bread crumbs when I do that kind of cooking.

Again, thanks for sharing a part of your day with me/us. I'm always happy to read about it, too! :-)

Charles L. Wallace said...

:-) I am glad ye enjoyed it! 'TWAS a nice breakie for a rainy day, and by the time I went and ran, I was not weighed down [if my stomach feels full, I have difficulty running]. I'm quite a prima-donna when it comes to it!

Oh, I cannot stand browned - tastes too much like "burned", LOL, too many episodes of scraping toast. Indeed, I pioneered a bachelor way of doing scrambled eggs in the microwave to avoid that grill crud [little did we know back then that microwaves + styrofoam = potential carcinogen!] Maybe I'll write the entire story someday.... But, if Dave likes browned, more power to him :-) I do like Cajun "blackened", though ;-)

I DO utilize crumbs, both bread and cracker.... meat loaf, eh? [and fried catfish!! Yum!!] All depends on the application. I like the Kernel, comes in real handy. Good on minute steaks for pan-frying.... you can additionally then rub 'em with beaten eggs and dredge in crumbs, then fry [hose 'em down afterward with lemon juice and ya gots a poor-man's schnitzel! ;-)]

Anyway, thank you for visiting. I am glad that you chose to spend a portion of your day here, and I am glad that you are happy. I am happy, too :-)