Friday, February 1, 2008

False Friends and Prophets

Do you know that I clearly do not understand pitching? That I pontificate on and on only because I enjoy reading what I write? Hearing my own voice? That I sweet-talk the ladies?

I read this somewhere [so it must be true!]

I wrote that Johan Santana will not be worth the money that the Mets are now forced to spend in order to keep him. Are four win shares worth $20 million? Each year? Were the Mets wise to strip their farm system in order to get one year of a talented, fragile lefty, whose numbers and velocity both are hurting? Are the Mets wise to be paying $20 million or more [per year] FOR WHAT SANTANA HA ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED? Is this another case of Pavano-ism for a team from NYC?

I wrote this, and I lost a friend for saying it. Guess what?
That's right - anyone who would stop being friends with someone because of their opinion, anyone who would attempt to shame another for an honest belief was not a friend in the first place. No worries - I have plenty of real friends, and pleny of people who DO enjoy reading what I have to say. Oopsie!

I DO enjoy reading what I write. Guess what? If you blog or post, and you do NOT enjoy reading what you have written, then your writings are worthless. Beyond that, even, a waste of my precious time, and it shows. I would not give a hoot in Hell for someone who does not enjoy reading what they have written.

I sweet-talk ladies. Um, I am naturally charming? My friends find me endearing? Guilty again.... gosh! You are reading the writings [yes, I know they are rambling on and on, insufferable to anyone not amed Charles Lee Wallace] of a complete sociopath, of that I am certain. I have an ulterior motive. Well, sure - I like to entertain and I hope to find a soulmate at some point. Man, what a heinous criminal am I!!

There you have it, dear readers. I have written the truth in the event that you missed it.
My bad ;-)


Mellie said...

Prolly better off without them, anywho, Chuck. I think you're right about Santana, too. We were only in the race to keep him away from Hal and Hank. :-)
I can hear ya on the writing bit, too. The only reason I don't blog more is because I talk too much, so I end up saying whatever I was going to write and then poof! it's gone. I try really hard to wait to get on people about shit they're writing until they've proven they've just crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool- and by shallow, I mean mud puddle. You're a pretty knowledgeable fan, and I respect what you have to say about things. And on the subject of sweet-talking ladies...some people are just natural born flirts. (Trust me. I don't know how poor Seth puts up with it. ;) )

Also....if you have time, you should come play WoW. We could completely party, dude. So. much. awesome. ( geek is showing bad.)

Oh yeah...18-0 and smiling through Sunday. :)

Charles L. Wallace said...

Yer a tonic for the troops, Mellie :-) Are we still on for AD&D this summer? [Beach is right around the corner ;-)]

Thank you for the kind comments. You can always make me smile :-)

Mellie said...

Aww. You're too sweet by half. Not sure what the finances will look like this summer, but if we can't come South, maybe we can drag you north of the Masie-Dixie. :) I hope you don't mind using the 3.5 rules instead....less maths!

Charles L. Wallace said...

;-) I'd better start perusing the Monster Manual again....

Old Goat said...

Hey my friend. Sorry I didn't like the sweet talking. ;)

Seriously though, I feel bad that a certain person who will remain nameless treated you in that manner. I guess when we are exploring and expounding on this great universe call the "web", we are bound to get some spiders who fool us with their markings till they strike.

I wouldn't let it bother you, other than maybe to feel sorry for someone being so misguided. Frankly, I don't you or I put down vastly different points. Some people just can't understand when others disagree with them.

Keep the comments coming. I'll have your back.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thank you, OG, I appreciate your friendship :)

Sometimes we even disagree, but I always respect your opinion and more importantly, the person behind the opinion.

Old Goat said...

Same here, my friend.

This world would be boring if everyone agreed on everything.