Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Funny, I don't remember dying.....
My readers have all gone away.
Guess eclectic wasn't their style :-(


Melanie said...

Haven't gone away, cher. Things have been...chaotic. It's in the email I sent ya, anywho.

Charles L. Wallace said...

You get a pass, mon cherie`
I truly hope the sitch improves
for y'all.

Old Goat said...

Funny, it seems there are times when you just get busy.

Notice, I haven't been as active on my own site either these past few days.

Darn life, keeps getting in the way of fun. ;)

Melanie said...

I hear that, Old Goat. Thanks for the good wishes, Chuck. Things should work themselves out. It could always be worse.

Btw- Told you the Sox would take care of themselves. ;D There was even a small earthquake over in Littleton last night. Talk about momentum shift.

Can we fly Josh Beckett's ex in again? :D

Andrea said...

I haven't gone away! I haven't been commenting, and I don't read as much because I am actually doing my school work. School sucks. But I do read...sometimes!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thank you, dear readers.
Guess I was feeling a bit down, and I appreciate y'all picking me up :-)

Wow - work really IS busy.
I'll post on that when I get a chance. But, FUN. That is the coolest part.

Schoolwork. I majored in history
[Melanie can relate, I am sure!] and did enough reading that I thought I was going to go blind!! Woo hah!!

Anyway, I appreciate all of you.
Thank you again :-)