Friday, October 19, 2007

Joe Torre

Joe Torre began his career as a catcher. Later, he played third base and in 1971, hit .363 for Saint Louis. Had 137 RBI, too, and I especially remember that he had long sideburns in those days. Damn good player.

Before coming to manage the Yankees, Joe managed for each of the franchises he had played for: Braves, Cards, Mets. I remember him managing Atlanta, where he led them to a division title in the early '80's. Braves felt they could do better and gave him the axe. They were terribly mistaken. Sound familiar?

I am sad to see Mister Torre leave the Yankees, especially with hurt feelings. It's not easy being an Evil Empire - you always hurt the ones you love. We forced out Joe McCarthy after sixteen seasons and nearly 1400 victories, kicked him to the curb so hard he ended up in a Red Sock uniform. We forced out Casey Stengel after losing the World Series in 1960, he ended up with the Mets. Guess it'll be the Giants or the Dodgers for Joseph. [I'm kidding - although LA fans seem excited about the prospect]

You can say Joe deserved better than a contract he saw as insulting.
You can say good riddance. I say Joe was the right man for the job.
I hope I can say that about his successor.


Ye Olde Goat! said...

It is going to be a long strange off season with all the different things that are up in the air. Its hard to imagine Torre in another uniform at this point.

Maybe the Yankee management are clueless and really thought it was a good offer. If so, I find THAT even more frightening than letting Torre go.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Me, too. So far, it rather resembles the mid-'80's again, and that is not at all an appealing prospect :-(

Nice new moniker, BTW :-)

melanie said...

Kinda sad to see Joe go like this. Hope things end well for him.

Btw- Series tied, Fenway will be crazy, and bring on the Rockies, kiddos.

Also- gotten a chance to check out Nightwish yet? Saw them in concert last night and I'm still giddy! They're awwwwwwwwwesome.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Hanna seen Nightwish just yet, but the dude from Ireland that I work with at Norfolk has loaned me the, Lions?
Krap!! Anyway, many songs of revolt; I wanna pick up the claymore and lop some Ainglish noggins out of sympathy!! Glad ye had a good time at the concert, mon cherie. When I get off my arse I'll post aboot what a cool place this is, and some other crap ;-)