Monday, October 22, 2007

Topics to tie in

Lazy asses. Yep, I gotta quit with the lumbering about and actually POST, instead of hanging out at everyone else's place. I'm a nice neighbour, though ;-)

The sound of freedom. Did I mention that I live under one of the approaches to NAS Oceana?
Yep, at the ass end of I-264 in Virginia Beach. It's driving my blood pressure sky-high. That and the drinking.

Speaking of drinking, Max McGee passed away on the weekend. Max was a seldom-used wide receiver for the Packers. Prior to the first AFL-NFL Championship [back before it became known as The Super Bowl], he just knew he was not going to get into the game. He broke curfew and stayed out late, hitting the sauce. At the game, he told Boyd Dowler, the starter, not to get hurt because he had a ripping hangover. He also left his helmet in the locker room. During the second series of downs, Dowler WAS injured, though. Max had to borrow a helmet and run into the game. He caught the first touchdown in Super Bowl history. This weekend, Max was up on his roof, cleaning off leaves. He fell, and could not be revived. That is so sad :-(

Gators 45, Kentucky 37. We won, and Tim Tebow is a moose. Not a mussina, but a really tough hombre. Between Tim running the football and Tim throwing the ball to somebody else, that accounted for 70% of the Gator offense. 70%!!!! I celebrated with barbecue. In Gainesville it is customary to celebrate another Gator victory by dining at Sonny's Real Pit Barbecue. mmmmmm There s not a Sonny's this far North :-( So, I went to Beach Bully Barbecue. They were out of brisket, and no longer sell Miller Chill chelada style brew which I am drinking as I sit here typing. So, I had a huge pulled pork sammy with mustard sauce, plus sides of bbq beans and cole slaw. New tradition ;-) Go Gators.

Sunday, I had brunch at Abbey Road. It's okay, and I'll be back, but not for brunch. Nice Beatles memorabilia, and I want to like it, really I do. I'll keep y'all posted.


Melanie said...

Holy cow......if I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up. That fifth inning last night was *disgusting*. At some point, it dawned on me, and I started shouting: "Holy crap, we've cycled through the order!" Repeatedly.

Schilling vs. Jimenez- Jimenez has never faced and AL team, and we've given the Schill all the drama he needs to come up big.

I'm so excited I'm nauseous. Also, I don't believe I can just walk up the street to where the World Series is happening. It makes me dizzy.

Happy Thursday, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

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Andrea said...

nice use of the word "lumbering."


Charles L. Wallace said...

Gosh, Mellie, I'm glad yer having a blast :-) I've successfully fallen asleep during both Series games, alas :-(

Oh, dizziness?
Don't look up!

Happy Saturday, mon cherie :-)

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thank you, Kely, I appreciate the kind comments, and thank you for the links.

Peeps, I have additional links on my main page, over on the left.

Woo hoo!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thanks, Andrea - I borrowed the word from someone who is pretty cool :-)