Monday, May 19, 2008

More odds n ends

Sleep. It must surely be over-rated. So, I'm up, rambling some more [generally hit the sack at 8 PM, up at four]....

Congratulations to Jon Lester for twirling a no-hitter, 7-0 over KC. As dearest Melanie will tell you, the first lefty to do so at the Fens since 1956 [a year in which our righty trumped that, with a perfecto, in the WS, which we won, no less, 2-0 over Newk]. Way to come back, JL.

Matt has an offer on his house! Maybe that is why I could not sleep: checked traffic, saw Cathy had sent an e-mail wondering if I could contact him, so I woke up the blighter and had 'im call 'is wifey.

May 19th. It's Pixie's birthday!! I sent her a nice Kokopelli birthday e-card [back in 2001, when she had known me for one and one-half days, she sent me a similar Kokopelli card on MY birthday]. So, she loved the card, and I am glad. Pix may have broken up with me, but she's still a good person, and we're still friends. We could still pal around, except she's in Tyler, Tejas. Happy birthday, Pix.

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