Wednesday, November 7, 2007


In the olden days, we'd turn the tube to Donny and Marie. It was kinda funny, turning the sound all the way off and cranking up Hendrix [Tom Tibbs, my pal from high school, and I].
I think Tom was partaking of the herb, and we both had antifreeze coursing through our veins. Good, good entertainment :-)

In that same vein [yeah, pun intended, I suppose], I decided to get blitzed and watch Cavemen, the new sho [it's on ABC, isn't it?] Shoulda been so easy, right? hahahahah
anyway, I did not hate Cavemen. I also did not like it.

[1] Tried so hard to be funny it was painful to watch.
[2] Written by Social Marxists hell-bent on giving us a sociology lesson.

Are the cave-dudes euphemisms for some other real-world group of down-trodden people?
Discuss, please.

Oh, and the extra point:
The German Pantry [Marina reminded me that I had to have dessert first or I would never get around to it]; Spice cake and white wine [sadly, they have no Gewurztraminer!], followed by pretzels n mustard, with Gulasch soup and draught Hefeweissen. Yum! At hme, the balance of Hiram Walker's apricot brandy. [Pix conferred the title 'nasty' on it]. Just for info ;-)


tims said...

I too like to watch Cavemen absolutely shitfaced now, and quite enjoy it. It takes a few viewings to really "get it" (if there is anything to actually "be gotten") but it's much smarter than people give it credit for. It's subversive and relevant at the same time... more than I can say for 90% percent of the rest of primetime's comedies. Give it another chance and smoke more weed. I trust you will see the light.

Larry C. said...

Yeah you should definitely give it another chance. I went into it not expecting much but my friends and I have been busting up every time we watch it. The actors and the writing are both terrific. And their landlord is always so funny!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Thanks, guys!
I appreciate the encouragement :-)

Anonymous said...

I hated the show before it even hit air, but now I kind of love it...

Its funny, its timely, its clever...its actually pretty good.

Old Goat said...

Hmmm, wonder if Tims is watching cavemen under stronger influence than he implies.


Charles L. Wallace said...

Sounds like the weekly episode of Cavemen would be a good time to invite the gang over for a communal bonding experience :-) I'll bring the cheese dip!