Thursday, November 15, 2007

Topsy Turvy

Big week for news from the Bronx..... catcher Jorge Posada agrees to sign on the dotted line [4 years, $52 mil] and the baton is passed to closer Mariano Rivera. Or is it? Mo is offered 3 years at $45 mil, but is out of the country, or maybe playing other teams to get an extra year, or more $$$.

But wait!! #13 is back, hat in hand, contrite for disrespecting the Yanks. I want to believe A-Rod, so I do believe him. Yeah, some fans are still all over the man. That will change next April as we say "Goodbye, Mr. Spalding!" Seriously.

Back to Po. The Yanks HAD to do it. We do not lose a draft pick, and really, no other option was even close. Jorge is a True Yankee. We're better for re-signing him.

Back to A-Rod. He really WANTS to be a Yankee. Yanks needed right-handed pop and a third baseman, both of which Mr. Rodriguez supplies. We do not lose a draft pick, and this was by fa the best option. Here's advice to all of the fans who hate A-Rod. Shut up. He's back.

Back to Mo. We need Mo, even on a 4-year deal. He takes care of himself. At age 42, he should still have some zip on the ball. Even if he is a mop-up man in four years, Mo is a True Yankee, and re-signing him will not cost a draft pick. I want to see him in pinstipes next year.

Andy Pettite. We need veteran leadership and a good, left-handed starter. Can we still sign Andy? I do not know the answer - a team can only sign three type "A" free agents each offseason. Would Mo, Po, and A-Rod make three? Or, since A-Rod opted out, is he excluded from the three?

Guido the Killer Pimp? [mixing movie metaphors, I know ;-) ]


Old Goat said...

It sure was a couple of days to remember.

As to the Type A signings, if you are signing your own FA then you don't have that count against you, so the Yankees still have 3 type A's they could sign. Even if Pettitte returns.

A thought on Pettitte, he mentioned about freeing up the roster spot. There is currently 39 on the 40 man roster. They loaded it up to prevent some talents getting snaged by the rule 5 draft, this is probably why Mariano, Posada and A-Rod are still not "official". They are set, more than likely, but with no spots on the roster right now, being that the Yankees were looking to hold on to some of the minor leaguers, it will probably be after the winter meetings till they become official.

Pettitte might indicate to the Yankees earlier on what his intentions are, but they won't bring him back to add to the roster either. The Yankees seem to keep a lot of moves, even something like Pettitte retiring or returning, very close to the vest. Maybe that opens some possible trade talks while the Yankees know they are dealing from strength.

Haren or Santana? Santana was supposed to have been offered a 5 year 92 million deal by the Twins. He turned it down (again supposedly). That means he probably won't give in and sign an extention. FA for him will be interesting. Haren might come cheaper.

Anywho, good things are going the Yankees way. I agree, BTW about A-Rod. I was crushed when he opted out. I too believe what he is saying. Maybe I'm a sucker, but its the only way things add up to me.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Good info, amigo! Thank you. I had forgotten that one's own FA's don't count against the three max total.

Yanks did what they had to do to begin with - imagine if we had lost those three guys, plus Andy [four, if Molina had gone elsewhere]

On Johan: I would recommend pursuing him vigorously in the FA market, if he hits it. Only money, and a draft pick. I am still not 100% sure that he could handle pitching in NY, and I honestly believe his best days are behind him. I am opposed to trading for him because of that - we would overpay [unless it's Karstens with Sardinha and Gonzalez, or some such trade that would never fly]
Haren? I like where he is at. I see his best years ahead of him, and while we're not sure if he could handle NYC, it would be worth the risk, in my mind. Of course, it would take a trade, and what would Oakland want?
Melky? If we DO trade off Melky, we could always sign Rowand or Andruw to hold the fort until the three amigos are ready. Would the A's bite on a deal without one of our top three young arms?
How about Melky and Alan Horne, plus Alberto Gonzalez? [I saw Marco Scutaro is gone].