Thursday, November 1, 2007

Denied for questionable content

The New York post denied this post due to "questionable content". I am really getting tired of trying to guess what will go; yet "Yona Loriner" gets to write his name continually in some sort of Dadaist orgy and people essentially crap on each other. What an unworthy site for our writing energy, yet I have several friends there, so back I go. Feliz, Chuck.

Hi, Lisa - you're welcome! Proud to serve, ma'am :-) It is certainly a pleasure to discuss baseball with you two and a select group of additional fans. No one needs rhetoric ;-)
On to the topics at hand - the Yanks have certainly wasted their fair share of money on lost causes [Pavano] and Grumpy Old Men [Unit, Kevin Brown], but like Lisa pointed out, good pitching is hard to come by. In those cases, and others [Jaret Wright, Weaver], they were throwing candidates against the wall to see who would stick. Far, far better to go with one's farm, but ours was barren. Ted Lilly was one of the last [ok, ok, Jake Westbrook, too] and we traded off both Ted AND Jake. That has to change, and I think it will.As far as Clemens goes, it was not a disaster. True, he was not the world-beater we had hoped for, but he gave us a chance to win in many of his starts, which Chase Wright, Matt DeSalvo, Tyler Clippard and Kei Igawa might not have done.As an added bonus, he added grit and determination, and worked with the young pitchers, too. Just adding him to the mix made the Yankees a better ball club; any pitching they got was icing on the cake. Aging egomaniacs, Tanya? We got Rocket, you got One makes more money, but both franchises have that commodity in excess. I would say, don't compare Dicey and Rocket. Compare Schill and Clemens, Dice and Igawa.Matsuzaka? He had a tough time acculturating, just ike Beckett did last year. I think he will be better next year [Oki too] if his arm strength holds up.Igawa? Even Yank fans diss this guy, but it is his first year, for Pete's sake. Just being a rookie alone is daunting, but in a foreign land, with one teammate who speaks yer native tongue, it's rough. Give the guy a break! Anyway, once Nardi and Eiland finish breaking him down and building him back up, he'll be much more of an asset. The guy gets his K's, just needs to limit the gopher ball....Rodolpho, Torre is a beter manager than you give him credit for. EVEN if you could call a game better than he, which I doubt, he kept the clubhouse from getting fractous, which you would have had zero chance in H ades of accomplishing. The team he managed prior to the Yanks? Talent-starved. He got the Braves into the playoffs, and they agreed with you and fired Joe. They did not make it back until the Smoltz/Glavine era. Joe may not make the playoffs, but he will work wonders on uniting the Dodgers clubhouse. I say they will have a winning record and be in playoff contention. Let's check back in a year and see who is right.Feliz Dia de los Muertes, peeps.

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