Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sea Geats

Pronounced like "Yates", making the protagonist of our movie Beowulf Yates. Sea Geats, of which Beowulf was a thane, were a seafaring people of old Scandinavia. Thanks for the pronunciation go to Jon Thiessen, my ol' Fire Control Officer, who learned the first zillion or so lines of Beowulf in Middle English. Really. Jon, you out there? Got any pics of Tiff? hahaha! Just kidding :-)

So Beowulf now merits 3-D, and evidently Grendel's ma isn't so gnarly after all [or B is a lousy judge of women. Like I should talk.] Anyway, the plan is to see the movie tomorrow. Tonight, on Discovery, is "Sinking of a Carrier", which should be about making ORISKANY into an artificial reef and if that is the case, it features my guys. Hi, guys!! It's before I joined the team, but I am still interested :-)


Charles L. Wallace said...

Aw, Krap!
The movie pronounces it "Geets".
I enjoyed it, although the computerization of the graphics made things seem odd.

Old Goat said...

I see you answered my question. I guess I should get over here more often to read your posts.

Many times the movie people don't pay attention to details as well as they should.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Guess they eat beets.
Hope they don't stain the sheets.
Man! Some things are okay [well, 'Geets' is over Anglicised, but I'll live]. Some things still irk me, as in Braveheart where William and the Princess....
uh, in real life she was two or three in 1305. Oh, well.