Saturday, September 8, 2007

Chili. Chilly?

Chilly, no, not really. It IS rainy here today, but the humidity is pretty high. Muggy. Steamy, even. I'm going to make some chili here in a little while, got some sour dough bread to go with it. Dang it!! I forgot to get tomato sauce at the store a minute ago. So, off to the store again for tomato sauce, prolly some beer as well [one for the chili, one for the mojo juice, some to wash down the chili and the sourdough bread.... you get the picture]. I have Carroll Shelby's chili mix. I love Carroll Shelby. Texan, racer, hot rod designer. Chili cook. You may recall the Shelby Mustang from the '60's.... nice. Shelby also took the AC Handley Ace and jammed in various Ford V-8 engines, including the 429 NASCAR side-oiler. Think of a roller skate with an auto engine, that's pretty close. Rumour has it that Shelby made two of these Shelby Cobra's for himself. Unknown engine but I would guess at the 427 Ford, twin turbos, capable of surpassing 200 mph IN STREET LEGAL CONFIGURATION. Ahem.
I almost made it out the door to run. Got suited up, stretched, hadn't eaten too soon before, wasn't hungry. It was pouring. Okay, I suppose I could run, but no need to catch pneumonia.
I'll try later, when the chili is simmering, before the Yankees game, before Pixie finally gets here.
Beef chunks, tomato sauce, masa flour, chili powder, red beans, diced onion, chopped red and green peppers, one beer [of course, water, too]. Sourdough bread with real butter y cervezas mas fina..... sounds like a recipe for success, what with Andy Pettite taking the hill for the Bombers. Life is good :-) Go Yankees!!

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