Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Drama

We all know by now that Roger Clemens has has the cortisone shot in his ailing elbow and that, mysteriously, he has been out of contact with the Yankees for a while. We also know that Clemens sees himself as baseball's equivalent of John Wayne, gunning down outlaws afore riding off into the sunset once again.

With that flair for the dramatic, it could possibly be that he is merely increasing the drama, increasing the interest building up before his next scheduled start, in Boston against Curt Schilling. Heated rivalry, hated rivals. Battle of aging warriors, one again strapping on the armour and armament with wchich to conduct battle, once more unto the breach.... what great drama this is!!

Then again, some say that Roger changed his arm slot in order to gain more velocity at the expense of a flatter breaking ball, and that with now-decreased velocity and a newly-flat bender, he is out of luck and out of gas.

Still others will tell you that he described the feeling of the arm injury as being eerily similar to the verbiage used by one Carl Pavano to describe his own arm injury, and that the injured hinge may require surgery; in short, Clemens may well be finished for the year, and his career possibly over. If this is indeed the circumstance, Rocket may be too upset to talk about it, needing more time to control his emotions.

One more thought - people have been criticising Clemens for not being in contact with the Yankees, but I am not so sure about this concept. You see, Joe Torre says that he e-mailed Roger, who never e-mailed him back. We all know Mister Torre would not be untruthful, but what about someone else in Clemens' camp being in contact. Hello, telephone! [too]. Just a thought.

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