Saturday, September 8, 2007

One last word before retiring

College Football.
Gators 59, Troy 31.
Gators all the way, I went there, I grew up in Central Florida, they're my boys, yo?
Still, I got my Master's at Troy [State], so a little bit of weird feelings.
Maybe just 1% though.
Our offense is finally the spread option.
Fear us.
Sure have a lot of kids on defense.
Hope they can keep the other team from scoring enough;
hope our offense can score more than they give up =:-0
I think they will grow into it, rise to the occasion.
Go Gators!!

If ya love the Gators, ya probably hate UGA.
Saint Steve, Coach Superior, the anointed Heisman Winner and Championship Winning Coach for us, beat those Bulldogs. Did it regularly when he stormed the sidelines for us. Now, he's doing it with South Carolina. Georgia had been ranked #11 in the country before faling to SCar.
By the way, we play those guys [GA] every year in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Florida.
World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Some people even park on the expressway and go running into the stadium... Yeah, I know it's called Alltel Stadium now, but whatever... plus, authorities are trying to downplay the drinking, but are you gonna take being repressed by Da Man? I thought not. Anyway, these guys from Georgia, see, are driving their tractors, going to the game, goin' down Highway 95 and they look at the sign, and the sign says "Jacksonville, Left" and they all scratch their heads and mumble "Jacksonville done left" and they all turn their tractors around and go home. The End.

Good Night, Sleep Tight :-)
Go Gators!!!

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